When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s perfectly natural to want to bring elements of your personality, your past and your values into your big day. If being a vegan is important to you or your fiance, then you want to weave your veganism into your special day. As well as writing for Earthly Taste, I have been writing a wedding blog for over a decade, so I’m here today to help make planning vegan weddings easier with the following guide.

How To Plan Vegan Weddings

How To Plan Vegan Wedding Food And Caterers

If you’ve been to a catered wedding before, it’s likely that you’ve had to request the vegan option, and it’s very likely that the caterer has charged extra for the privilege. But what if you want to provide vegan food as your entire menu? Rest assured there are specialised vegan caterers in the UK, and a quick google search will provide you with some great options in your area!

If it’s important to you that your entire wedding menu is vegan, but you think that some of your guests will turn their nose up at it, think about these options for ultra-tasty (and a little bit quirky) wedding food:

  • Vegan hogless roast
  • A vegan pie cart
  • Vegan tacos
  • Vegan pizzeria
  • Plant-based burgers
  • A gourmet vegan tasting menu
  • Vegan canapes
  • A vegan Ice cream van
  • Vegan fish and chips

Serve A Vegan Wedding Cake

Just because you want a vegan wedding cake, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste and style. Thanks to all of the amazing vegan bakers with their incredible creations like Lucie Loves To Bake above, you’ll be fighting your guests for the first taste!

Sourcing And Serving Vegan Wine and Champagne

Most wine and champagne that’s produced these days states if it’s vegan or not. You may be surprised to know that most mainstream wine suppliers have entire sections devoted to vegans, so it’s actually very easy to find something you’ll love to serve on your big day. Cheers to that!

Choose To Work With Vegan Suppliers

When sourcing wedding suppliers, you may choose to commission those whose values align with yours. You could consider working with a sustainable wedding photographer to take your wedding photos, or a hairdresser who uses vegan hair products. You might also choose to work with a carbon-neutral wedding stationery printer.

Decorations For Sustainable And Vegan Weddings

Decorations For Sustainable And Vegan Weddings

Weddings can be incredibly wasteful, and things like wedding favours can create vast unnecessary waste. I comment regularly on how to plan sustainable weddings, and I wrote one specifically on eco friendly wedding favours that you may find useful over on my Real Wedding blog. When you’re thinking about decorating your wedding venue, consider using reusable supplies like dried flowers that you can give to guests to use in their homes after the event, or get people to throw biodegradable confetti.

Dresses And Suits For Vegan Weddings, Things To Consider

If you’re wondering what style of wedding dress to go for, this resource for trying to find prom dresses that suit you is a great place for you and your bridesmaids to start. But when sourcing a wedding dress designer that aligns with your values, you could start with understanding exactly what makes a wedding dress non-vegan. Things like silk, certain threads and some glues contain animal ingredients that make a wedding dress unsuitable. You may also want to check that your wedding dress is made with plant-based and sustainable materials, and ethically made.

You could also consider buying a second hand dress to wear instead of purchasing something new.

Using Vegan Makeup and Hair Products

After you’ve gone to all this effort to make sure your wedding is vegan, ethical and sustainable, I’m sure you don’t want to then use non-vegan makeup on your skin and hair products with animal ingredients. As well as finding makeup artists and hairdressers who use vegan products, if you’d rather do your own you can find some great hair and beauty brands to use for your wedding hair and makeup. Make sure to prep your skin with vegan skincare before your makeup. You can even offer guests a touch up by leaving vegan beauty products such as essential oil perfumes, natural facial sprays and mineral powders to freshen up with.

Now It’s Over To You To Plan The Ultimate Vegan Wedding!

I hope this post has been useful to you. If you have any other tips for vegan weddings that you’d like to pass on, please do comment below! Thanks for reading, and the best of luck to you and your fiance!

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Vegan Weddings: The Ultimate Ethical Wedding Planning Guide

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