From a silver gin fizz inspired by Greece to a rye and Cognac Boulevardier perfect for Francophiles, Mace’s travel-themed cocktails and food menu are delightfully out of this world.

Today, the midnight curfew that has been imposed on restaurants and bars across New York City will officially be lifted, and if you’re looking toast the future of this amazing and resilient city in style, we have just the ticket.

Former East Village hotspot, Mace has officially reopened in a new location on the west side and unveiled a brand new travel-themed cocktail menu that features drinks and elevated bar fare inspired by destinations around the world.

“Our new menu was a team effort that we are very excited to present,” Co-Owner and bartender at Mace Nicolas de Soto said. “Our cocktails salute the flavors, spices and intriguing culinary combinations we encountered during our global travels, which we interpret through our unique style of drinks. Some are inspired by specific dishes that we deconstruct and reconstruct in liquid form. But most of all, these are some of the most delicious drinks that we have created, with something for every palate and preference.”


The menu at Mace — which has been designated as one of the World’s 50 Best Bars for three years in a row — was indeed inspired by De Soto’s peripatetic appetite over the years. De Soto, who has visited 98-countries and organized pop-up events around the world, has sipped cocktails at all of the Top 100 World’s 50 Best Bars 2018 list and dined at 63 of the 120 World’s 50 Best Restaurants, among of a few of his culinary claims to fame.

While Mace’s new cocktail menu is a culmination of these efforts, drinks aren’t the only thing on the menu. Mace’s bar fare offerings have been expanded on by Chef Cyed Adraincem, who takes inspiration from de Soto’s world travels, with a focus on raw bar and seafood platters. Among the array of new food offerings, standout dishes include toasted razor clams and pork rillette and scallion flatbread to tiger cod ceviche, vegan mac and cheese and Baja style fish tacos.

“It was very exciting to collaborate with the bar team to create my first menu for Mace,” Chef Cyed said. “I took Nico’s incredible travels as a starting point for inspiration, focusing on ingredients that nod to those locales. We also have a big emphasis on raw bar selections and seafood platters, which are delicious on their own unadorned, and their clean flavors pair perfectly with the cocktails.”

Mace, which was previously located clean across town on east 9th Street in the East Village, now offers a larger space at 35 West 8th street in Greenwich Village that’s comprised of a front bar, fireplace alcove and back room as well as plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the cocktails you can expect to see on Mace’s new travel themed cocktail menu along with the countries that inspired them:

  • Soy (Indonesia) – Inspired by Indonesian Gado Gado Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce, this quaff is based on a blend of rums, sweet potato, cucumber, tomato, peanut, lime, spices and soy ($17)
  • Fennel Pollen (USA) – This Aperol Spritz variation salutes bees in three ways: Aperol infused with fennel and bee pollen, beeswax-infused pisco and acacia honey, along with Prosecco ($18)
  • Bay Leaf (Greece) – A Silver Gin Fizz gets a Greek makeover with Mediterranean flavors, including bay leaf-infused sweet vermouth, kalamata olive, caramelized onion, egg white, gin and lemon ($16)
  • Spruce (India) – Inspired by a meal at Frantzén in Sweden, it combines white tea-infused and soy-washed shochu, kombucha vinegar, rhubarb, hazelnut, Champagne and spruce essence ($17)
  • Black Sesame (Peru) – Reflecting Nico’s fascination with chaga mushrooms and cupuaçu, a nut related to cacao, the cocktail marries date-infused rye, chaga mushroom, cupuaçu-washed bitters, lacto-fermented mushroom and black sesame ($18)
  • Fig Leaf (Western Africa) – Gimlet variation inspired by fig tomato ice cream Nico enjoyed at Noma in Copenhagen, it is a deconstruction with fig leaf-infused tequila and mezcal, tomato, golden beet and miso cordial ($17)
  • Moringa (The Philippines) – A drink based on ube, a Philippine purple yam, ennobled with cachaça, rum, pineapple acid, truffle gardenia, cashew, moringa, absinthe and bitters ($18)
  • Mustard Seeds (France) – The only vodka cocktail on the menu, it salutes The Aviary Cookbook and uses dehydrated egg powder and hemp milk for its frothy texture, along with horseradish-infused vodka, aquavit, caramelized passionfruit dijon, lemon, hemp albumin and mustard seeds ($17)
  • Lavender (France) – This spin on a rye and Cognac Boulevardier layers in dark chocolate and lavender, with pink peppercorns adding a spark to sweet vermouth and amaro ($17)
  • Sumac (Iran) – This Flip is an homage to the Southeast Asian dish of Curried Jackfruit with Black Rice and incorporates sake, jackfruit, black rice, coconut milk, sumac and egg ($16)
  • Wasabi + Cilantro (Miami) – Nico’s version of a Miami Vice, a drink consisting of two frozen slushie layers ($19)
  • Strawberry Daiquiri – Wasabi-infused rum, strawberries, angelica root, vanilla and lime
  • Piña Colada – Bacon-washed rum, pineapple, coconut, plantain, lime and cilantro

To learn more about their cocktail program, kombucha menu or to make reservations, you can visit the link here.

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