It’s a sad fact that, with constantly rising costs of living, many people need more than one job in order to get by. While this is necessary, it’s also incredibly bad for a person’s physical and mental health.

When the time you should be using to rest and recover from job A is instead taken up by the stresses of job B, it can have a massive toll. Not only are you physically exhausted from the job itself and the commute, but the added pressure of extra deadlines, extra bosses, extra labour means that you’re that much more likely to burn out. And this is to say nothing of the fact that you have far less time to spend with your family, your friends, to go on holidays, to exercise or even just take some time for yourself. 

Passive Income

But the bills need to be paid, the dogs need to be fed, the kids need new shoes, so it’s not like you have the luxury to just give up on that extra paycheck. Thankfully, with the rise of digital solutions to just about every problem, there are now more and more ways for people to earn some extra income without actually adding to their daily workload. This is the concept of “passive income” – you’re earning money in the background, while doing your own thing. 


One way is to earn passive income using cryptocurrency. While cryptocurrency has been around for a while, it’s only recently that it’s becoming more mainstream for everyday people. One of the biggest advantages of crypto is that it’s decentralised – meaning, there are no banks involved.

This is particularly useful, since you can’t be denied an account or rejected due to your credit score, nor are there hideous overdraft penalties or other fees banks love to slap onto people just trying to make ends meet. All you need is access to the internet. Also, the nature of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is that it’s finite – therefore, as demand for crypto continues to rise, so does its value.

So even if you can only afford a small amount of cryptocurrency, you can be pretty much certain that you will get a profit in the future. The cryptocurrency market can be quite volatile, but because it’s so much easier to navigate than the stock market, it’s far easier for you to pull out and have more control over your money. There are now less risky options such as stablecoin

The best thing about this is that, even if cryptocurrency is a daunting and mysterious area for you, there are plenty of providers that walk you through the process step by step and in essence, do the thinking for you. In this way, you can earn potentially a lot of money and NOT at the expense of your free time and energy. You can make payments on your mortgage, repay a loan or credit card, or generally use this extra income to cover daily expenses.

Achieve an equilibrium

Most importantly, the time and energy this will give back to you will have a material impact on your life and well-being. Everyone tries to seek a good work/life balance, but for many, this is an extremely difficult equilibrium to achieve, and more often than not, this revolves around money. By taking the time to learn about all the different online options for you to make the most of your investment or savings, you can radically change your life and priorities.

Whether you need to concentrate on your physical health, take some time for emotional healing, be more present with your loved ones, explore the world and new possibilities, or even just kick back and relax by yourself, taking that time is extremely important. Working “like a dog” is simply not sustainable, so it’s definitely in your interest to look into alternative means of making money that won’t negatively impact your life.

Passive income options such as cryptocurrency investments are an amazing way to take your money further and free yourself up from debt and various expenses that are preventing you from, literally, living your best life!