From time to time, we all need to unwind. Between work stress, home stress, bills stress, news stress, health stress, relationship stress and “stressing about stress” stress, our bodies really get put through the wringer of tension and toil. By now, we’re all familiar with the words “burn out” and it’s so important that we don’t let ourselves reach this stage.

Sometimes, even taking 10 minutes in a day just to close our eyes, breathe deeply, maybe do some stretches or read a good book, can help ease the pain a bit. But every once in a while, you really need to commit to setting aside some proper “me time”. People choose to relax in all sorts of ways, be it lazy pyjama days, going for a walk, drinks with friends, an exercise class, but we’re here to talk about an age-old pastime that serves many health purposes, and mental health in particular – fishing

Though perhaps an odd choice – after all, fishing requires special equipment, you might need to find a good carp bait company, travelling, getting licences, getting wet, getting carp bait – but once all those elements are sorted, fishing really offers an amazing reprieve from the anxieties of modern life.

Enjoying being outside

For one thing, you’re out in nature. Replace the fumes and noises and pollution of the cities with lovely fresh air and the sounds of water and wildlife. Going away for a fishing weekend can also serve as a technology cleanse – try to avoid all screens for the entire trip – you’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel, not to mention it will improve the quality of your sleep. It’s also been found that being near water has a great effect on improving one’s mood, so even if you don’t want to fish the whole time, or you’re bringing your partner that might not be into it, just being at a lake or river will help everyone feel serene and relaxed. 

Quieting your mind

Fishing is also all about patience and finesse. In today’s environment, where we’re swamped with deadlines, have to juggle a million things at once and have grown accustomed to “get it here and now”… mostly because we rarely have the time or patience to wait or enjoy anything, an activity like fishing is the perfect way to slow it all down, drown out all the excess noise and just steadily focus on one particular goal. And when you actually hook something, the payoff is insanely satisfying. 

Sit, or Stand

Fishing can be done sitting or standing, depending on your preference (and the kind of fish you’re after), but if your job requires you to sit at a desk for the majority of the time, this wouldn’t be the worst time to do this activity on your feet. You’ll have better leverage for the catch, it’ll help your posture and certainly be better to get the blood going a bit. Maybe even incorporate a nice hike to a location that’s more remote (and better stocked!). If you’re able to make a trip of it, why not go somewhere where you can go for some big fish – catching something like a marlin or halibut will give you the workout of a lifetime!

There are different ways to fish of course, and if you just fish for the enjoyment factor, then maybe opt for somewhere where you can do catch and release – and be sure to be well versed on all the regulations to make sure you don’t hurt any of your fish buddies or their natural environment.