I’ve been using period pants, washable pads and intimate wipes for over three years now, and there will be absolutely no going back to disposable, baby. I try my best to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to my cycle, and over time it’s saved some cash and time, too! Period pants and pads have been one of the easiest and most rewarding transitions, so if you’re looking to have eco-friendly periods I’m here to answer the most asked questions truthfully and honestly!

Do eco-friendly products work with heavy periods + other questions answered…

Do eco-friendly cycle care products work with heavy periods + other questions answered...

Do eco-friendly cycle care products work with heavy periods?

My periods are very heavy, and so I have had to make some adjustments to my cycle care. Period pants do indeed work with heavy periods, but on super heavy days I prefer to double up with a washable pad. The doubling up helps to absorb the liquid, and then any leaks out of the sides of the pad will be soaked up by the pants. Hurrah, what a team!

I do have a few pairs of period pants specifically for the heavy days but I feel more secure when I’m out and about if I’m doubled up. If you don’t want to double up on the protection on your heavy days, be prepared to change into a fresh pair every couple of hours – OK if you’re at home but I would say stay near a toilet if you’re not.

How do you wash reusable period products?

Once used, I store them in a tub of water and essential oils by my loo for no more than 48 hours. Then before washing them in the machine, I pour most of the blood water (how beautiful that sounds, hey) out and do another quick rinse. Keeping them soaked helps to stop them from smelling!

I then wash them on a cool, gentle wash with just detergent, no conditioner. Sometimes I throw some white vinegar in the wash to remove any nastiness, but I don’t have to do that routinely.

Once washed, I hang them or lay them out to dry; I don’t tumble dry (well I don’t have a tumble dryer, but if you do, then follow this instruction.)

If you’re wondering about the frequency of washing period pants and pads, I usually wash them when the tub is full so I am not wasting loads of water and energy for just a couple of pairs.

What else can I use period pants and pads for?


If you have a weak bladder (hello, I’ve had three children,) these are a brilliant alternative to disposable pads and pants. I run with my period pants on. ‘Nuf said, right?


When you’re working out, these can help soak up the sweat. Really great if you’re at a gym as it helps to stop sweat patches in random places!


Period pants and pads are perfect when you’re about to give birth and your fluids are leaking!! Also when you’re feeling hot and bothered, they can help you feel a little more in control of your perspiration.

After childbirth

Who wants those massive house-sized pads between your legs after giving birth? Go washable and feel more comfortable and in control.

How do you store period pants when you’re out and about?

It’s all about the wet bag. You can buy or make one for a few £, and you can get all sorts of sizes, patterns and styles. I have a few sizes for different handbags and occasions. The size I take with me depends on how heavy my period is and how long I’ll be without home comforts.

A wet bag will hold spare pairs of pants and period pads in the dry section of the bag, and will hold your used pants in the wet (waterproof) section of the bag without odour or leakages happening in your handbag!

Do period pants smell?

I don’t know about you but when I’m on the blob my sense of smell is ridiculously tuned in. I’ve found that period pants smell less than disposable pads; I’m assuming that’s because there is less synthetic material going on down there. But, but, but. They are not immune from odours. Let’s be real here, they are full of period blood – they are not going to smell of roses 100% of the time. But as long as you wash them well, and often, they should be just as fresh as your normal knickers, but much more practical!

Where can you buy eco-friendly period products from?

My absolute faves are Unfabled. “Unfabled is the first wellness store centred around menstrual wellbeing. By shopping with Unfabled you support independent and women-owned businesses.”

Amen to that.

Unfabled carries an amazing array of products for every day of your cycle, and also offers products for endometriosis, breakouts and mood. I have recently discovered Trip CBD drinks (amazing taste and I feel so chilled after drinking,) Totm organic cotton tampons (I need those when I visited a spa whilst on my period,) and Upcycle beauty products.

The Bottom Line On Plastic Free Periods

The Bottom Line On Plastic Free Periods

I have now been using period pants and pads for three years, and I can honestly say that period pants and pads are game-changers. Over the years I have treated my period pants drawer to all sorts of sizes and absorbancies and colours and patterns, I have quite an impressive collection.

Be prepared for an initial investment to get your first few pairs or period pants and pads, but you will not be disappointed, I really believe that statement. Do yourself a favour and cease using environmentally unfriendly chemically treated period products, and take back control of your cycle care.

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