Whether we’re renting, sharing or just bought our first house – we can’t help but be proud of our nests. And many people will agree that the kitchen is the most important room in any home. After all – that’s where recipes are! So why not by jazz it up with some fun and unique crafts ideas.

Make it your own and craft it yourself!

With so many well-priced interior design options like Wayfair or MADE.com, it’s very easy for our homes to all start looking the same. So why not show off your style and personality by customising your furniture and accessories with some awesome DIY decor. Don’t buy mass produced ornaments – create your own with crafts. You’ll not only have fun putting your stamp onto your kitchen, but crafting is great for your mental health and will let you make some truly unique features.

Make stylised labels for your food containers! Apply an elegant matching design onto lacklustre crockery! Stencil the kitchen tiles or even personalise a chopping board! If you’re new to crafting or not overly artistic, not to worry – there are lots of creative websites to the rescue. You can find all sorts of great creative resources, from Sunflower SVGs to laser cutting templates. You’ll be able to find endless tutorials online to help you get started. And maybe even invest in a handy crafting machine to give your crafts a polished, high quality finish.  

Craft smarter

Alas, not all of us are blessed with a spacious kitchen. Some studios and small apartments often have kitchens with a square footage the size of a postage stamp. It can be really difficult to make your cooking area really shine. But you can make the most of a compact space with some clever storage, multi-purpose accessories and the right colour scheme. Many storage solutions are stackable! You can fit a lot more in the space between your counter and shelves – but these containers are often quite bland or downright ugly.

Why not give them a fun coat of paint and use a free downloadable font to make some elegant labels for the contents. Collapsible furniture, such as stools or wall-mounted tables, can make your kitchen look much more open. You can use a laser cutter to apply some pretty patterns on the “collapsed” sides. Alternatively, print some vinyl decals to jazz up these items, so even when they’re not in use, they can add a nice design touch to your kitchen. 

Free tip: a mirror never fails to make a space look bigger, plus it will help make a gloomy room brighter! And you can personalise it too, by using a template to add a pretty border.

Celebrate the seasons with crafts

It’s always fun to decorate your home for special occasions using crafts especially around Christmas or Hallowe’en. But the kitchen is often left out, as it needs to stay functional for all the amazing feasts you’ll be preparing. But why should the kitchen be left out of the festivities? You can easily craft some simple, yet eye-catching elements without limiting its utility.

You could sublimate some holiday designs onto a special set of dishes. Why not transfer a beautiful design onto a table runner or napkins? So as to save on storage and materials, why not use the celebrations as an excuse to upcycle some of the bric-a-brac you have lying around. Spray some glitter or fake snow onto old unused photo frames. Use them as coasters or candle holders. Use old clothes and fabric to make a patchwork oven mitt. You could make a reversible wreath – one side for Christmas, the other for Thanksgiving, made up of old greetings cards, unused wrapping paper or even old jewellery! 

So if your style is rustic chic or modern minimalism, you can rejuvenate your kitchen. Use some some simple crafting techniques that’ll have your friends and family think you raided some fabulous interior design boutiques! But don’t worry, it’s our little secret…