Did you know that by 2024, eCommerce is set to make up over 21% of retail sales globally? Given how the 2020 shutdowns changed the way most of us shop for good, that’s likely a conservative estimate.

2020 and 2021 thus far have been challenging (and that’s putting it mildly) for so many people. But for some, the pandemic era presented an opportunity because more spare time and less work = more time and energy to do enjoyable things. 

Unsurprisingly, people want to turn their pandemic passion projects into a legitimate way to make a living. In contrast, others may simply long for a better work-life balance – something I am trying hard to get right! You can achieve both by creating physical or digital products or putting together a service offer. 

All Aboard the Vegan Ecommerce Train 

Using an eCommerce platform like Shopify, you can build an online store to sell physical or digital products to anyone in the world without paying the hefty costs associated with brick-and-mortar ventures.

You can also enter the wonderful world of dropshipping via Shopify because of their partnership with Oberlo. Another digital platform that helps people source existing products to sell via their Shopify stores. 

P.s. dropshipping means you don’t need your own products to start selling, and you don’t need to stress about inventory, shipping, or packaging. Either way, it’s an optimum time to hop on the eCommerce train leaving from Shopify station.

Choose a Niche That Genuinely Interests You

Choose a Niche That Genuinely Interests You

If you’re trying to monetise your pandemic passions or general hobbies, you’ve already accounted for this step. Wooo, pat yourself on the back. But if you’re still in the planning stages of your side hustle, please take note: choose a niche that genuinely interests you. 

When the business going gets tough, passion will help see you through. It’s pretty hard to get passionate about products and services when you have no personal interest in them. 

Also, content marketing is something you will find yourself doing to grow your Shopify business. And who wants to shout from the rooftops about things that don’t interest them for the long haul?! 

The takeaway: whether you create vegan, sustainable, eco-products and services from scratch, or source them through Oberlo, build your Shopify store around a niche/industry that excites you. 

Decide On the Best Store Theme To Suit Your Vegan Venture

Decide On the Best Store Theme To Suit Your Vegan Venture

So you’ve found a niche that interests you, now it’s time to pick a theme (aka site design) to help you grow your Shopify store. There are also some general site considerations applicable to all Shopify stores regardless of industry or niche. 

Whether you’re taking a DIY approach or working with a Shopify expert, you can increase your chances of success by:

  • Ensuring your site design works across all digital devices, e.g. from desktop to smartphone. 
  • Using a store design/theme with the option to include high-quality visual media (images, videos, GIFS) of your products while maintaining website speed. 
  • Adopting a theme that is easy to navigate and has an efficient cart experience. 

When you are comfortable using Shopify, try experimenting with their free in-house marketing tools (like their SEO and on-site blog options) to help grow your eCommerce business. 

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