Dry January may have wrapped up Sunday, a Netherlands non-alcoholic spirits company offers four reasons to continue spirit-free well into the new year.

Fluère Spirits offers four premium non-alcoholic spirits in gorgeous, sculpted bottles: original with juniper and lime; spiced cane with licorice, cocoa and coffee notes; raspberry with raspberry and fruit notes; and smoked agave, with smoke, honey and pear armoas.

“On some level, Dry January is our Christmas,” says Nikulás Hannigan, global brand educator for Fluère. “We also have sober October, too, but from my perspective, ideally people would be drinking Fluère all year round. It would be a shame to waste a product we’ve put so much effort into to only drink it (part of the year).”

One of the big reasons behind creating such a complex spirit without alcohol is that too often, more effort goes into alcoholic spirits and cocktails. “The whole raison d’etre for nonalcoholic spirits is someone got tired of sitting in a Michelin-starred restaurant, eating the best food, but only having soda or coffee for non-alcoholic options,” Hannigan says.

While it’s true that some people choose to drink alcohol with the express purpose of getting inebriated, a lot of people choose to drink cocktails or wine or beer because of the complex flavor experience. “We’ve put a huge amount of effort into a liquid that can elevate your experience,” Hannigan says. “One of the reasons you should be drinking Fluère all year round is we’ve created something to delight your senses.”

Just like an alcoholic-spirit elevates a cocktail so does Fluère, he says.

Instead of being a brand ambassador, Hannigan is a global brand educator because about half of consumers don’t quite understand a non-alcoholic spirit. “Consumers are split into two camps,” he says. “You have people who have been following this for a few years, and they’re enthusiastic about trying lots of new things. Then, you have people who haven’t tried many non-alcoholic spirits, and they maybe come into this with a misconception of what they’re going to drink.”


The main misconception is that cocktails made with Fluère or other nonalcoholic spirits will taste exactly like their alcoholic counterparts. “My number one advice is to keep an open mind, and that these are made to be mixed,” Hannigan says. “This is a new category, and for any newer product, it takes time for people to understand what’s going on.”

Fluère debuted in Europe in 2018, and it first came to the United States in December 2020 so word about the spirit is still getting out. “One of my jobs its to help people find the best way to elevate their experience of Fluère,” he says. “It’s my job to find out what they’re looking for in a (nonalcoholic) cocktail and to help them figure out why they like or don’t like something.”

More and more people are choosing not to drink – whether it is pregnancy, driving, medical issues or just wanting to be more moderate in their drinking habits. “There are many reasons people don’t drink, and it doesn’t matter why someone doesn’t want to drink,” he says. “What we’re trying to do is give them a pleasant drinking experience, and there shouldn’t be less value in a non-alcoholic drink as opposed to an alcoholic drink.”

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