Here are some of the questions I get asked often. Sorry if this whole faq thing comes out as condescending 🙁 I have the feeling that I don’t know how to write a faq without sounding snobby! Anyway, here you go:

What camera and lenses do you use for your blog photography? And for your Instagram posts?

Until October 2013 I used whichever mobile phone I could get my hands on. I have no idea on what they were called as I’d usually borrow them.

I started using a Canon EOS 600D + EFS 18-55 mm lenses in October 2013. All the pictures on my Instagram account are shot with the aforementioned, unless stated otherwise.

Which programme do you use to edit your pictures?

I usually edit the pictures on my blog posts with Adobe Photoshop CS2 (shooting on raw and editing on raw mode). Sometimes, I do use Lightroom, but I prefer Photoshop. I use VSCOCAM to edit my Instagram pictures.

What about the lighting?

I always use natural light and I shoot indoors. I use no especial equipment unless a tripod is required due to poor lightning conditions.


 I tried one of your recipes and it didn’t work out. What could have gone wrong?

First of all, let me say how sorry I am! I make each one of my recipes (except for things like salads and the like) multiple times before they are posted, and I always make sure that all of my taste tasters are happy with the results.

However, things don’t always turn out the way they should, no matter how well you’ve read the recipe and followed the instructions. Please, let me know what part of the recipe failed so I can try to help you. Also, make sure that you didn’t change the original recipe too much! I usually try a lot of vegan/gluten free substitutions during the recipe development process, and I make sure that I include them in the recipe if they turn out well. If you end up changing multiple ingredients at once, chances are high that the end product doesn’t turn out as expected, so please, be careful.

Can I make this recipe lower in fat/sugar, paleo, gluten free, vegan… etc?

I usually try to make (most of) my recipes as healthy as I can. Chances are high that I have tried to make the recipe suitable for lots of allergies myself, so if a recipe isn’t already vegan or gluten free, it’s because I haven’t liked the results when I tried those substitutions.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t like fat-free or sugar-free desserts, so I personally don’t try to go that route, I prefer desserts that, although still wholesome and nutritious, have some sugar/fat/white flour/etc in them. I cannot vouch for the results if you leave out all the sugars in favour of artificial sweeteners and things like that. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it though! I’d really appreciate it if you tried those and you let me know if it turned out well for you! But keep in mind that, well, completely healthy desserts don’t always taste as good. Nothing wrong if you like those, but as I said, I prefer enjoying slightly richer desserts with moderation 😉

Here are some healthier substitutions which usually work with no problem:

-Vegetable milk in place of cow’s milk. The vast majority of my new recipes already use almond/soy milk but feel free to use any vegetable milk in place of dairy in my old recipes.

-Coconut oil in place of butter.

-Coconut sugar in place of brown sugar and viceversa. Keep in mind that coconut sugar is a bit less sweet than its processed counterparts, so you might need to increase the amount used. It tastes better though!

-White Whole Wheat Flour in place of white flour. Note that I said white whole wheat. If you only have whole wheat flour, it’s best that you use 50/50 whole wheat and white.

-Full fat coconut milk instead of heavy cream.

As I mentioned before, feel free to use whichever substitutions you fancy. After all, trial and error is the only way to go! However, these are the only substitutions that I can vouch for. You can always ask me for a certain one when in doubt and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!

Can I double/triple a recipe?

Usually yes. Keep in mind that the baking times will change though!

Do you have the nutritional info on a particular recipe?

I don’t count calories nor I think it’s healthy to do so since it can lead to obsessive tendencies for lots of people, so no, I don’t provide nutritional information on my recipes. However, there are a lot of free calculators on the internet, and you can plug in the ingredients to get the information if you actually need it.

If a recipe is notoriously high in protein/fiber/etc, I will mention it on the post, though.

Do you eat everything you make? What happens to all the food?

Three words: hungry teenage brothers.

I usually do most of my baking/recipe testing when I’m at my parents’ so my family (read: brothers) eat most of the food. Baked goods are usually shared with friends, who never ever complain about their taste-tasting duties.

In case you’re curious, I do eat everything I post, just not all of it (although it’s hard to say no to an entire pan of brownies, let’s face it). I wouldn’t never recommend something I don’t think it’s absolutely delicious, so yes, I try everything.


I’m doing a round-up style post and wondering if it’s okay to use one of your pictures?

Thank you so much for thinking of including me! You’re very welcome to use my picture as long as you don’t write the whole recipe on your site but credit and link to my blog instead. Also, do let me know when the round-up goes live so I can share it on my social platforms.

Please, do contact me via email if you need to use the full recipe so I can personally give you permission first.

Can I reprint one of your recipes on my site or Instagram page?

I work very hard brainstorming, styling, photographing and writing my recipes so I’m asking you not to use my full recipes in your platforms. A link back to my blog would very much appreciated, thank you!

If you’re working on behalf of a brand or magazine and need to publish one of my recipes, contact me first to see what you have in mind so we can reach an agreement. I also take special recipe developement and styling requests if you need it, so feel free to contact me at hi@earthlytaste to discuss the rates.

So is it okay for me to post one of your pictures in my Instagram account?

Yes, sure! Just don’t write the full recipe in there and give credit to my page, please!

However, commercial use of my recipes or pictures is absolutely prohibited without my given consent. Please, contact me at hi@earthlytaste.com to know more about commercial rates.

I tried one of your recipes and loved it so I’m going to share a picture in one of my platforms. Is it okay for me to write the recipe?

First of all thank you! There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing you guys enjoy my recipes. Sharing a pic is absolutely okay (and I’d love it if you did!), but please, either rewrite the recipe if you’ve changed a couple of things or link back to my post. I’m really sorry that I have to state it this often, but there’s so much work involved in writing a post that it’s not nice not to be given credit 🙁


 Do you accept guest posts?

I only accept guest posts from friends and bloggers/people who I usually talk to. I don’t do these too often as I like to keep my blog on the personal side, but if we follow each other and talk often and you’re interested in writing a post here, feel free to message me to talk about it!

I really hope this doesn’t come out as snob-ish (I have the feeling that this faq thing makes me look like a huge smarty-pants but it’s not my intention I swear!!), but I only feel comfortable accepting posts from people I know. Sorry!

However, you’re welcome to chat to me whenever you want to! Especially if you like Game of Thrones. And cookies. And cake. And Orange is the new Black. And cookies, especially cookies.

I’m representing “X” brand and would like to work with you in recipe developement/product reviews/article writing, etc.

Great! I love hearing from brands who are on the same page as me. If you represent a product you feel like my readers and I could be interested in, check out my “work with me” page and drop an email to hi@earthlytaste.com to discuss the details.

 personalHow old are you? Where do you live?

 I’m 22 and I live in Spain.

Is blogging your full-time job?

Nope! I’m an university student at the moment and I have a second job in Marketing & Translation.

What are you studying?

I’m a 4th year food technology student. Can you tell I’m passionate about food? 😉


othersI left you a comment in an Instagram picture/blog and you didn’t answer, why is this?

I try to answer to every Instagram comment as soon as I can, and I check my phone often right after I’ve posted a new pic to do so. However, I have a fairly large amount of followers (thank you guys!!) and my notifications no longer show unless I’m on my phone at the very same time a new comment is posted.

That being said, chances are high that if you left a comment in an older picture of mine, I didn’t see it. If you need help with a recipe or have an important question, I suggest you either send me a direct message or an email as I do get to see these!

I’m quite busy with university when it’s not summer, so I cannot work on my blog as much as I’d love to. That’d explain why it takes me so long to answer to some blog comments sometimes. If you have an important request, sending me an email would be the best way to get to me!

Who designed your theme? And your logo + signature? How about the font that the faq tittles are written in?

My theme is by Themes Art. Words cannot describe how happy with Mark’s service I am. If you’re looking for a new, feminine, stylish theme, check out their page! All the designs are beyond lovely and the service is incredible.

Both my blog logo and signature were designed by the ever talented Milly Boutique. I cannot recommend her services enough! If you need help with your logo and blog branding, she’s your girl! Perfect service, quick responses and she makes the most beautiful designs ever!

Here’s the font I used. And the waterpaint clipart is by Grow Creative.

Do you have a cookbook?

I do, in fact! It’s a digital recipe ebook that you can purchase here (7.99$). You can use the code “BLOGREADER20” to get a 25% discount!

It features 25 brand new recipes (+6 old ones) of typically unhealthy meals made healthy and I would love you to check it out 🙂

Was this blog called something else in the past?

Yes! This blog was called Honey & Figs back when I started in 2013. I made the full switch to Earthly Taste some time ago though!


Can’t find your question here? Shoot me an email to hi@earthlytaste.com and I’d be more than happy to help you!

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  • Reply lorena412 January 27, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    Hi Consuelo 🙂 I’m just curious and wanted to know, what made you go vegan?

    • Reply Consuelo January 27, 2016 at 11:52 pm

      Mostly enviromental and ethical reasons! I first went vegetarian thanks to the band Rise Against, a year and a half or so after, I decided there were no excuses not to go fully vegan so here I am! Almost 5 months and counting! xxx

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