So, this month I have been researching eco-friendly jewellery. Being eco-friendly doesn’t just stop at your food shop, as I am sure you already realise. Making all your purchasing choices sustainable takes effort. It takes a little research, reading and potentially increasing your budget (that you can definitely offset by making other choices!)

I have a best friend’s birthday coming up in mid-Jan, and since the Christmas rush has subsided, I had more time to source the perfect birthday gift! I hope you enjoy my suggestions below – as a fan of both these brands, I can vouch you will not be disappointed becoming a customer yourself!

Eco-friendly UK Jewellery Brands

Daisy London

Daisy London is new on my jewellery radar, but girl am I happy to have discovered the brand! Every single piece is crafted from recycled sterling silver, and then parts of the collection are plated in 18-carat gold plate.

Every single piece Daisy London produces aims to be timelessly integrated into your daily jewellery favourites. If you scroll down, hopefully, you’ll agree how amazing the (my) ear looks with the selection of Daisy earrings and cuff!

Palm Fan Enamel Ear Cuff

Palm Fan Enamel Ear Cuff 18ct Gold Plate

I love that you can cheat your way to more piercings (I already have 8 in my head!) with the Palm Fan Enamel Ear Cuff. This ear cuff features a fan palm charm on an 18ct gold plate band, set with a black enamel centre. I find this goes with absolutely any outfit, and the contrast between black and gold is perfect.

Estée Lalonde Flow Huggie Hoops Sterling Silver

Estée Lalonde Flow Huggie Hoops Sterling Silver

These sterling silver beauties are a must-have, designed to sit close around the ear, and featuring a smooth wave shape. A subtle tactile piece that elevates your ear game, all year round. I find that these add some understated bling to your ears without sparkle. Great if you’re a bit accustomed to loungewear and hoodies – brings a little glam to your look without being out of place!

Estée Lalonde Mini Bold Huggie Earrings 18ct Gold Plate

Estée Lalonde Mini Bold Huggie Earrings 18ct Gold Plate

Made in 18ct plate on 100% recycled sterling silver, the Estée Lalonde Mini Bold Huggie Earrings are just the thing to make you feel effortlessly put together. To be honest, I would never usually pick these, but I was so drawn to their dinky nature and the fact that they amazingly complement a laidback style. These are truly everyday wear, they have not got in the way of sleeping, or my children tugging them – just how I like my jewellery – timeless and effortless.

2 Eco-friendly UK Jewellery Brands To Watch
Here you can see all the above styles being worn in my ear, including the fabulous Vita Drop Earrings at the front.

We create pieces that are missing from our own jewellery collections and put them in to yours. Each piece is designed to be an extension of your own personal style, wherever you are in the world. Dreamt up in London’s Portobello Road, after launching in 2009 with the namesake Daisy collection inspired by wildflowers, the brand has grown to cult status, fusing a bohemian state of mind with wearable, contemporary jewellery design.

Daisy London

Daisy London Jewellery are truly a sustainable jewellery brand to watch. They epitomise laidback, effortless style, and celebrate females all over the lands! The Vita earrings you can see in the picture above have become one of my absolute favourite pieces, now I can celebrate females every day of the year!

Nouare Jewellery

Nouare Jewellery is the creative outlet of Marie who makes her own unique pieces by hand in her Brighton based workshop. Nouare consists of an extensive collection of eco-aware jewellery, made using recycled sterling silver.

The inspirations behind Marie’ designs are often drawn from nature and the overall aesthetic of her jewellery is centred around minimalism, timelessness and versatility.

The recycled silver + 18 carat gold plated moon face necklace

The gold moon face necklace you can see me wearing in the pics was inspired by Jean Cocteau’s drawing and is handmade in Brighton with gold plated recycled silver.
I was gifted this piece (the result of a rather large hint) from my mum for my 40th birthday, and I have not lived a day without wearing it!

Being recycled means it’s even more special and I often wonder what it was before! I have always been a bit of a spiritual person, and my jewellery usually marks that in some way, be it moons, suns, gemstones or symbols.

Some other pieces I love

The recycled silver petal ear cuff

This beautiful petal-shaped piece is designed to be worn around the outside of the ear and doesn’t require any piercings. Perfect for those who like to make a statement, without the holes!

The recycled silver and 18 carat gold plated mount ring

I picked this ring for the organic nature of the design and I love that the gap in the ring means that you can adjust it a little. It’s an understated design but still makes a statement on your hand, fitting perfectly with other rings.

What is your favourite eco jewellery brand?

I have recently discovered two new favourite eco-friendly UK jewellery brands, whose pieces are firmly in my everyday collection, and who I will enjoy buying from for my friends and family. But who are your favourites? What do you think of the pieces above?

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