Since ancient times, gold and silver have dominated the jewellery world, but while they’re still coveted materials, there’s another brilliant resource for making stunning, and arguably superior jewellery – stainless steel.

This might seem a surprise since you’re more used to finding stainless steel in manufacturing or your kitchen utensil drawer, but this delightful alloy is also used to make some really gorgeous jewellery. And besides being just as beautiful, stainless steel actually has a lot of other advantages over gold and silver that perhaps will inspire you to make a change when it comes to how you accessorise.

To begin with, let’s explain what stainless steel actually is. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, but what makes it rustproof is the addition of chromium. Additional elements, such as nickel or titanium, are also added to this alloy to provide other useful properties. Typically, stainless steel will have around 11% chromium and the additional alloys are chosen depending on what properties are desired for the material’s final use. 

Stainless steel, even the types containing nickel, is hypoallergenic, so for people with skin sensitivities, it is a perfect choice – especially for earrings. Stainless steel is also incredibly durable, particularly the titanium alloys. It’s much sturdier than its gold or silver counterparts, which can easily bend out of shape when worn frequently. 

You might think this would make stainless steel a heavy metal, but it’s actually 4 times lighter than gold, making it perfectly comfortable to wear. As already mentioned, it doesn’t rust – it has great resistance to oxidation and staining, unlike a lot of traditional jewellery, so it’s very low maintenance and won’t lose its lustre for a very long time. 

Not only does stainless steel not tarnish or scratch, but it won’t leave any dark discolouration on your skin. This jewellery alternative is also the most environmentally friendly, with far less energy required during the manufacturing process, with far less waste produced at the end – and it’s 100% recyclable. 

A consideration many people might not have when buying jewellery is health and safety, but stainless steel conducts far less electricity so you can avoid any potentially nasty electric shocks. Additionally, in case of any accidents, stainless steel can be cut off with regular household cutting tools without incurring too much damage. 

Because gold and silver are so soft, typically you need a high-speed steel ring cutter to remove a ring or bracelet in a way that won’t permanently damage them. Plus, unlike gold or silver, stainless steel jewellery is a much cheaper option.

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