Need a new way to promote your eco-conscious business? Implementing branded packaging can be incredibly effective, but you need to watch out for a few pitfalls that could see your new marketing strategy fail.

It’s worth noting that once you have your fantastic eco-friendly packaging ready to go onto the shelves, take some time to consider how you will be displaying your products. Sustainable practice should be the default choice going forward, and as shown in some of our recent projects, it does not have to be an aesthetic compromise anymore. Consider finding a window display design agency to help make your eco-conscious vision come to life.

Branding for Eco-Conscious Businesses

Brand image is everything. In increasingly competitive markets, defining your brand can be the difference between thriving or struggling to get by. Consistent use of your logo, artwork or messaging has the power to boost brand awareness and generate genuine interest and intrigue, driving sales and elevating your brand’s status.

At the same time, consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions. This growing market of eco-conscious customers is concerned about ethics, sustainability and the movement towards a circular economy. If you don’t cater to them, they’ll be reluctant to give you their time, attention or business, but strike a chord with them, and they’ll flock to your brand.

This can make marketing your business a tricky affair. On the one hand, you need to create consistent branding to capture the imagination of the public, but on the other, brands need to demonstrate ethical and sustainable practices in everything they do. Add to this the numerous difficulties in finding safe, effective packaging for food and beverages, and it can become a nightmare.

So how can you manage the balancing act? Eco-friendly branded packaging for food and drinks may hold the answer.

How Does Eco-Friendly Branded Packaging Work?

Creating effective branding for your food and drinks business while remaining conscious of the environment — and keeping your customers safe — can be a testing challenge, but here are a few ways eco-friendly branded packaging can promote your business and protect the planet:

  1. Using Eco-Friendly Materials

Synthetic materials are highly damaging to the environment. Plastic takeaway food containers are one of the main contributors to the world’s monumental plastic waste problem, polluting the environment and causing direct harm to wildlife. Naturally, biodegradable materials like paper, cardboard and bioplastics offer a much more sustainable solution for branded packaging, allowing businesses to print their logo and artwork on packaging that degrades quickly and naturally without harming the environment.

  1. Printed Using Plant-Based Inks

Long gone are the days of wrapping fish and chips in newspapers, and lessons were learnt from this practice. While it may have been a novel food packaging solution, it wasn’t the most hygienic or safe thing to do. Harmful chemicals from the ink used to print the newspaper would be released when the newspaper came into contact with the hot, greasy contents it packaged, which may have been hazardous to health.

Nowadays, branded packaging from eco-friendly suppliers uses solely water and vegetable-based inks that are safe for use with food and drinks products. They don’t contain any volatile chemicals that could leach into your customers’ food, keeping them safe and promoting your business simultaneously.

  1. Branding Eco-Friendly Accessories

The devil is in the detail, and getting your accessories right can create a talking point amongst your customers. Going the extra mile to brand paper drinks straws, compostable cutlery and biodegradable napkins can create a seamless branded experience that fully immerses your customers.

In doing this, you’re giving your patrons endless opportunities to interact and engage with your eco-conscious brand, helping them remember the name of your business and make their experience memorable. Branding your accessories enhances exposure and promotes brand advocacy without the use of plastics or anything else that could harm the planet.

Using Branded Packaging to Promote Your Business

Branding your packaging is a great way to enhance your marketing strategy. The right food boxes, coffee cups and printed bags can draw the attention of onlookers while creating a sense of connection for customers already engaging with your brand. With more eco-friendly options available, you can market your brand to even the most environmentally-aware consumers and protect the planet in the process.