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Hi everyone! My name is Consuelo and I’m the recipe developer, food stylist, photographer, writer and cookie devourer behind Earthly Taste (previously Honey & Figs). On this site you can find lots of wholesome recipes which will make you feel your best, as well as a vast array of the most decadent, sinfully delicious, sometimes chocolaty, always scrumptious treats. I’m passionate about nutrition and all the healthy things, but I’m also an advocate for balance and moderation, which is why you’ll find both healthy, colourful, nutrient-rich salads and incredibly tasty, sugar-filled desserts which will make your soul happy! 

I started this blog on 2013 to have a place in which I could keep track of all the recipes I was making. Not in a million of years would I have imagined that I’d get people to actually read my blog (other than my mum and a couple of friends!), or that I’d become so passionate about nutrition, photography and pretty dishware. It makes me happy to see how Earthly Taste (technically Honey & Figs but oh well!) has evolved throughout the years, and how much support I’ve been receiving from you guys. Nothing makes me happier than seeing your feedback, reading your comments and chatting with you on social media (especially when it’s Game of Thrones or chocolate we’re talking about!), so if there’s anything you need to tell me, or simply feel like talking to someone about anything, know that you can send me an email to hi@earthlytaste.com and I’ll be more than glad to get back at you!

One of my goals with Honey & Figs is to show you guys how incredibly delicious plant-based eats can be. As of 2015, I’ve been becoming more and more interested with vegan food and products, which can be seen on my recipes. If you check out the index, or scroll far enough, you’ll find recipes including meat and other kind of animal products, although as of recently, Honey & Figs has evolved to be a mostly plant-based blog, which I’m quite enjoying, even though I’m not completely vegan myself. (I’m now vegan myself and if you’re thinking of giving this wonderful lifestyle a go, you should totally go for it! All benefits I’m telling you!)

I hope I can inspire you to include more plants in your diet, and eradicate the popular belief that vegan food is all seeds and weeds! Rabbit food who? Check out the vegan recipe index for more inspiration and lots of delicious ideas!

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Do you want to know more? Take a look at the FAQ page and don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if your question isn’t answered there!

Lots of love, hugs and cookies from my little kitchen in Spain,

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