About Me

   Hello there everyone!

My name is Consuelo, and I’m the 22-yo cookie obsessed gal behind Earthly Taste. Thanks for visiting!

I started this blog, which was previously called Honey & Figs, back in 2013 in order to have a place to share all the new recipes I was creating. Not in a million of years would I have imagined that it would grow up to be what it is now, having these posts being read by lovely souls from all over the world and not only by my mum and close friends. Thanks everyone for following along and being such wonderful readers. Much love and virtual cookies for you all!

If you want to know more about me, I will tell you that, yes, I’m every bit as obsessed with peanut butter as this blog would have you believe. No, I don’t regret it. Yes, I do enjoy stuff other than nut butters, such as travelling, biking, dancing to 80s disco music and getting cold pizza from questionable street vendors well past midnight, petting all kinds of small animals and the occasional Netflix binge. When I’m not busy procrastinating and taking longer naps that I’d probably should, I attend university for my Food Technology degree. Can you tell I love food? … I really do.

Other things about me? Born and raised in sunny Spain, shortly moving to Dublin to satisfy my inner gloomy day loving bish. Feel free to follow my journey on Instagram (@earthlytaste) and watch me complain about all the things uni related, with the occasional (okay, constant) food posting and some fashion/beauty posts. Because yes, that’s another one of my passions: spending money on clothes and red lipstick I probably don’t need. Kidding, because who doesn’t need another bright red lipstick?


As mentioned earlier, Earthly Taste was the place where I started sharing the first recipes I created. As a food tech to be, I recognise the importance of a healthy diet featuring lots of vegetables, fruits and all that goodness, so you can find a vast array of wholesome plant-based recipes to add to your diet. Healthy eating might be important, but it doesn’t have to be boring, so I try my best to play with different ingredients and cooking methods to come up with nutritious recipes which are still delicious. However, life’s not only about salad and green juice, so I like to add the occasional not-so-healthy treat to keep things balanced. Remember that it’s important to treat your mind and soul as well, so go ahead and enjoy that cookie!

I’m currently in the process of shaking things up and featuring different kind of posts on my social media, including some of my other interests such as travelling, fashion and beauty, so keep your eyes peeled for new content.

If you have any other suggestion or content you’d like to see, feel free to contact me over at hi@earthlytaste.com. It’s always lovely to connect with you all!


Earthly Taste has grown up so much ever since I started shooting my recipes with my mum’s phone camera in my little brother’s bedroom (it had, what I considered to be, the best lightning at home) and I, as a forever tech-challenged gal, couldn’t have kept up with it if if wasn’t for the help of some friends and basically the best blog developer in the world.

Big thank you to my friend Marisa, for helping me navigate the first years of blogging and always taking care of every tech problem I had, suffering through hours of hysterical phone calls because “the blog is down!!!!!!!”. You deserve all the cookies in the world.

Another thank you goes to mum for getting me through 5 years of ups and downs because boy, has running this blog been a rollercoaster! She’s also a peach, always helping with baking (since I cannot properly decorate cakes for the life of me), shooting and doing dishes. Plus another thank you for dad since he grows the prettiest flowers so I can use them for my pics.

Let’s not forget thanking all those friends of relatives who help me eat all those extra cookies resulting from hours and hours of recipe developing. I’d be 938420380kg without you all.

Now, for the tech part. I’ve been lucky to count on one of the most professional, kind and overall awesome blog developers out there. Thanks to Alberto for taking care of both a domain and a hosting change which made me go crazy and doing such fantastic work. After having suffered from a lot of blog trouble resulting from a beyond terrible hosting service, Alberto was able to take care of the matter in a few days and have this blog run as smoothly as it does now. I couldn’t be any more grateful to have found him and, if you’re in need of a blog developer or someone to take care of tech trouble, I couldn’t recommend him enough. Service is available in both English and Spanish and a 10/10 all around. 

Alberto’s contact info | https://doutramaneira.eu/albertopm/ | alberto.pm9@gmail.com

If you’re wondering where the pretty artwork is from, we’ve got Anastasia to thank! You can find her work at Etsy, and I would totally recommend her services if you’re looking for a new logo or artwork for your brand. Her skills are divine and she is super professional and great to work with.

Anastasia’s contact info | https://www.etsy.com/shop/MillyBoutique |

Last but not least, I’m going to thank the folks over at Dina Hosting for a more than superb service. I recently switched to this platform after having suffered through more than 4 years of terrible service provided by GoDaddy and I couldn’t be any happier with them. Blog runs smooth as ever, and the customer service cannot be beaten. If you’re looking to switch hosting platforms or starting your new blog, feel free to check them out.

DinaHosting | https://dinahosting.com/ |


That’s it for today! If you’ve got any questions, feel free to check out my FAQ page or shoot me an email to hi@earthlytaste.com.

Thanks for visiting!

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