Get Back on Track: Healthy Detox Meal Plan + iHerb Haul

This post is in collaboration with iHerb. All opinions are, as always, my own!

Sooooo 2018 is right around the corner. I know. It’s crazy how quickly time has flown by! I feel like summer was not too long ago and look at me, I had my last (!!!) lecture for this semester today. The past 4 months have felt like days, I’m telling you. 


Let’s focus.

New year, new me, new list of resolutions you’re totally hoping to keep. What if I told you… we can make it easier this year?

Let’s switch those crash diets for a more wholesome way of eating. Less restricting calories and more getting creative adding as many micronutrients to your diet as you can (it’s fun, trust me!). It’s not about how many calories yu can cut down, but about how many nutrients you can get in.

As a food science student, it really frustrates me to see people going all crazy with the restricting, thinking that this is the only way to get back on track. Because it really isn’t! Fads and insane diets are so not the way to reach an optimum health state. They do more harm than good and, it isn’t surprising to get back to square one after some time treating your body like that. I personally believe in a more balanced approach to dieting, if you want to call it that. Sure, we all go bananas during the holiday period and, as a result, we might not be feeling our absolute best come January. Been there, done that. But that doesn’t mean we have to suffer through the month in order to go back to our healthy self. Let’s skip the crash dieting and awfully long gym sessions and sign up for a way more wholesome way to naturally “detox”.

Today, I’m partnering with iHerb to bring you a meal plan which will help you get back on track without having to compromise your health or taste buds 😉 It includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a fun snack idea. Plus some suggestions in case you don’t like some of the ingredients and it also suitable for vegan & gluten-free diets!

I got my products through the iHerb website, which you guys know I’m a huge fan of. They carry a super big  product range (+35000 items, 4000 of which are vegan!) at such a great, affordable price. They also ship to +160 countries and have a great customer service available in 10 languages. Not that I’ve ever had a problem with them (and lord knows I’ve placed lots of orders!!), but it’s great to know, right?

Without further ado, let me show you my haul, featuring lots of great products which might be hard to get for those of us living overseas, but they’re way too fun to pass on! They’re the perfect addition to a more wholesome, balanced lifestyle and, worry not, if you don’t know how to use them, because I will be featuring them in my recipes later.

Organic Maqui Powder by Navitas Organics: this powder is the perfect way to boost your smoothies, adding an extra dose of anti-oxidants and vitamins. It tastes like slightly tart berries so it pairs well with other fruits, and also adds the perfect purple colour to your food. Highly-photogenic meals? Sign me up!

Organic Superseed Blend with Coconut by Nutiva: another great addition to smoothies, yogurt and the like! This blend is the perfect way to add more fiber and omega-3 to your food, and it tastes super good too!

Fettuccini Shiratake Pasta by Miracle Noodles: for those times when you’d like to cut down on carbs, shirataki pasta is very low on calories and high on fiber and it makes a great replacement for noodles in pasta dishes. I gotta confess I’m not the biggest fan of most brands on the market, but these by Miracle Noodles are remarkably awesome.

The Original Coconut Aminos Soy Free Coconut Sauce by Coconut Secret: such a perfect gluten-free replacement for traditional soy sauce! This coconut aminos is also lower in sodium, so it makes such a good addition to all kind of savoury meals when you want to cut down on salt but not flavour. It is really versatile!

Alaria Wild Atlantic Wakame by Maine Coast Sea Vegetables: do you guys like seaweed? I certainly do! I usually eat mostly nori, as part of sushi, but I’ve been really into wakame lately, since its salty, earthy flavour goes super well with savoury meals. It is also a great source of iodine for those of us who don’t eat any fish. Win win!

Peach Detox Tea by Yogi Tea: this tea is actually caffeine free, so you can drink a nice warm cuppa when you want to wind down after a long, exhausting day. I absolutely adore its sweet and spiced scent – with those lovely cinnamon ginger liquorice hints – and it’s also so good for you!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars by Larabar: these are by far my favourite thing from this order! These are ridiculously hard to get your hands on when you’re in Europe, so if you guys don’t know where to find these, check out iHerb! They do carry lots of different flavours and they are all amazing. So healthy too!

That’s a wrap on the mini reviews. Let’s get to those recipes, shall we?


Super simple, yet filling and healthy to boot recipe. You won’t be able to stop adding maqui berry powder to your bowls once you try this!

Ingredients (for one): 1 small banana (frozen), half a cup frozen berries (frozen), 1 tbsp. Navitas Organics Maqui powder, 1 tbsp. agave syrup, 200 ml. almond milk, 1-2 tbsp. Nutiva Organic Superseed Blend (for topping)

Instructions: Put all of the ingredients except the superseed blend together in a high -speed blender and process until creamy. Top with your favourite ingredients (seeds, extra fruit, nuts, etc…) and enjoy!


Basically my favourite thing to eat when I’m short on time but I want something delicious AND still good for me. This ticks all the boxes!

Ingredients (for one): 100 grams smoked tofu, 2 tbsp. Coconut Aminos by Coconut Secret, 1/4 tsp. chilli powder, 1/4 tsp. garlic powder, 1 small onion, half a small red pepper, 150 grams shiitake mushrooms, 1 tbsp. olive oil, half an avocado, 1 package fettuccini shiratake pasta by Miracle Noodles.

Instructions: slice all the vegetables into thin pieces, heat some olive oil in a saucepan and when it’s warm, add all of the vegetables and saute for about 10-12 minutes on medium-high. Cut the tofu into cubes and add them to the pan along with the garlic and chilli powder and coconut aminos. Saute for 5 minutes and add the noodles (they should have been rinsed before) and then saute for 5 extra minutes.

SNACK: a glass of tea and a Larabar!


Another deliciously quick option! Works super well with a lot of different protein sources.

Ingredients (for one): 100 grams tempeh, 100 grams shiitake mushrooms, half a red bell pepper, half a cup of broccoli florets, 1 small onion, 15 grams wakame, 2 tbsp. coconut aminos, 1 tbsp. olive oil, 80 grams uncooked quinoa.

Instructions: start by boiling the wakame and preparing the quinoa. Wakame needs to be boiled for 20 minutes and you should cook quinoa according to directions in the package. Slice all the vegetables and saute them in oil for 12 minutes. Cut the tempeh into cubes and add them to the pan along with the wakame (cut into smaller bits) and coconut aminos. Saute for 10 extra minutes and combine with the quinoa. Enjoy!

Last but not least, let me give you some of my tips to start living healthier without having to go cray cray.

Infused water is the perfect way to get you to drink more liquids (no, wine does not count, ha). Add some frozen berries and lemon slices to your water and prepare yourself to be wowed. Keeping hydrated was never this easy!

Create a bangin’ playlist to hit the gym. Choose some tunes which really really motivate you (may I recommend Abba?) and you’ll get so so excited everytime you hit the elliptical. Trust me. 

Try to get lots of sleep. It will help you reach your goals faster and you’ll be much more motivated to hit the gym and dance to that glorious playlist of yours.

Focus on the little things you can add to your routine to be healthier and not on all the fun things you have to cut down on. Every day is a new opportunity to do better, so don’t worry about failing and focus on enjoying the journey!

That’s it for today! Hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know what YOU guys do in order to get back on track for the new year!

PS. If you’re a new customer, you will get a discount off your order by clicking this link!



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