Beet Berry Coconut Yogurt Chia Pudding Parfaits

One of my absolute least favourite things about blogging has to be having to eat food you don’t like at all just because it’s pretty in pictures.

Fruit on top of oatmeal? I hate that stuff. If it was up to me, I’d put nothing but peanut butter on my oats… but it’s hard to build a career as a food stylist with a portfolio full of peanut butter porridge pictures and steamed potatoes alone. It’s a hard life, having to eat smoothie bowls all the time when you actually despise fruit.

Except for peaches. I love peaches.

Beet Berry Coconut Yogurt Chia Pudding Parfaits

Also, kidding on that one. There’s nothing hard about having such an ample range of possibilities when it comes to choosing what you eat. Feelin’ grateful all day errrrr day. But yeah, I do hate fruit.

Except peaches. I love peaches. And any kind of juicy, summer fruit, actually.

Maybe it’s winter I despise, with all those cold, gloomy days and lack of decent produce… but then again, I do love me some hot chocolates AND getting to wear absurdly oversized parkas and cute ankle boots. And everybody knows that dark, wintery lipstick shades are just the best. So yeah, I’m a bit confused on this one… do I like winter? Do I actually loathe it? Who knows.

All I know is that I love peaches. A whole lot.

Beet Berry Coconut Yogurt Chia Pudding Parfaits

Can’t wait for them to hit the shelves again. I’m dying to eat them all, be it fresh, in their juicy glory or as part of one heck of a fantastic dessert. PEACHES PEACHES PEACHES.

Due to the lack of them, though, it’s lovely berries we’re settling for. Not that I don’t like berries – I really do. They’re like one of the like six fruits I actually not despise.

(In case you care it’s watermelons, berries, peaches, strawberries (not a berry HA), grapes and mangoes)

Beet Berry Coconut Yogurt Chia Pudding Parfaits

Thing is, I was actually expecting these parfaits to be on the funky-tasting side. As a blogger, there’s a time when you’ll find yourself cooking things you actually don’t like 100%, just for the sake of variety, as otherwise you’d find yourself running a blog about peanut butter chocolate cookie recipes alone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they are bad recipes per se. Maybe there’s someone out there crazy about weird-ish combos which require a ton and a half crazy ingredients (though they do look nice on Pinterest, you gotta give ’em that)… but me? I’m actually a simple person when it comes to food. If we’re going to get honest here: plain potatoes and rice and beans make up for like 70% of my diet. The other 30% are recipes that, even if I appreciate, I only cook them for the blog – to make you guys happy that you have new stuff to look forward to – but they make me wish I was eating bean burritos instead.

Where was I getting into before I get lost with such lame dissertation?

Beet Berry Coconut Yogurt Chia Pudding Parfaits

These parfaits here. They’re the kind of thing that looks so pretty that you totally expect not to taste 200% amazing when you’re making them. 

You know, because there’s some crazy colours involved… and usually beautiful stuff doesn’t taste as nice as plain, brown peanut butter does. BUT LET ME TELL YOU PEOPLE:

These? These are every bit as delicious as they look!!! Not in a million of years would I have expected them to turn out this yummy!!!!

Beet Berry Coconut Yogurt Chia Pudding Parfaits

First of all there’s a layer of creamy beet berry smoothie. Absolutely my new smoothie obsession! You’d think that the beetroot would make it taste all dirty sock-y and gross, but it actually adds a lovely earthly flavour that complements the tanginess of the berries very well. Trust me on this one: it won’t feel like if you’re drinking laundry water or something.

Which, for the record, is how cooked beetroot taste. Sorry not sorry. When it comes to eating beets… raw is the way.

(Speaking of dirty things, I was going to make quite the nasty joke here BUT the latests reader survey reports lots of you are well under 18 so I have to abstain he he he let’s go back to chia pudding, shall we?)

Also my mum’s reading this. Hello mum, you there? See me eating fruits and vitamins and stuff like a properly functioning adult™.

Beet Berry Coconut Yogurt Chia Pudding Parfaits

Back to the pudding: next we have some pinky chia pudding, flavoured with extra berries because you can’t ever have too many anti-oxidants… or can you? Anyway, I don’t think something this pretty is going to get you killed, so eat away!

Next stop on the jar of deliciousness train? Berry compote!!! Which, being lazy as I am, is only warmed frozen berries. Compote that you can make in 5 minutes using a bowl + a microwave? Extra time to go napping is always a great choice I’d say!!

Finally, there’s a layer of homemade coconut yogurt. I’m telling you guys: this stuff is brilliant. However, if you don’t have time to make your own coconut yogurt, you can go for storebought or even get soy yog (which is cheaper by the way! And widely available!). Anything creamy will work well!!! (I’m thinking whipped coconut cream, OH BOY).

Beet Berry Coconut Yogurt Chia Pudding Parfaits

And last but not least, we have extra berries, dried strawberries and the most adorable rainbow radish hearts. NOW this is the kind of thing I’m talking about when I say food bloggers often add stuff which tastes odd to their food in order to make it look pretty. Gorgeous as they look, rainbow radishes taste just like radish AKA not something you want to put in your yogurt.

They will make it salty, spicy and you’ll end up wanting to cry (cos who the heck puts radish in pudding WHOOOOOOO)

All for the sake of a cool picture. You guys better pin this one like your life depends on it.

Pretty please with a cute rainbow radish heart on top.

Beet Berry Coconut Yogurt Chia Pudding Parfaits

Yield: 4 jars

Serving Size: 1/4

Creamy beet berry smoothie, chia pudding, coconut yogurt and berry compote. Such a delicious healthy combo!



  1. Prepare coconut yogurt, smoothie and chia pudding according to instructions on the posts.
  2. To assemble the parfaits, divide the smoothie into four mason jars.
  3. Top with thickened chia pudding.
  4. Warm the berries witht he agave syrup until it's easy to mash them with a fork to make a compote.
  5. Add a couple of spoonfuls of berry compote to each jar.
  6. Top with coconut yogurt and fresh/frozen fruit if desired.
  7. Enjoy!

Hope you guys will enjoy it!



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  • Reply Sarah | Well and Full February 28, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    OH MY GOSH, I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!! I never post smoothie bowls or adorned smoothies because I don’t like eating the fruit topping!! I just want my plain smoothie, y’know?? So I feel you, girl!!

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