Friday Favs #4

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Friday Favs post! If you don’t know what my Friday Favs series are all about, feel free to check out the disclaimer in the first post of the series.

Today we’ll be talking pretty clothes, life-saving apps and bomb smoothie combos which I’ve been obsessed with for the past days/weeks. Who’s ready? Don’t forget to comment your favourites below too!


This simple yet absolutely lovely dress by Topshop: the colour, the shape, its everything! Absolutely stunning! Someone please take my credit card away from meeeeeee.

This dress looks so darn amazing with the tee I just can’t deal OMG. Also by Topshop, duh. Are they trying to take all my money away from me or?

THESE PLATFORMS O-M-G I don’t think they could get any more perfect?!??!?!??!?!?!? Obviously Topshop. For the record, they do not sponsor me hahaHhhahahaAHAHAH I WISH.

This tee is so me. Wish there were more sizes left though! I’d so get it!!!! 🙁

BANANA SHORTS M8!!!!! I want, I mean *need* these too :'( Could these get any more vegan???

Also if you really want real vegan shorts, check out Bohemian Island!!! All they’re range is made individually, no sweatshops and a part of the profits are donated to protect stray dogs and cats in Thailand. I absolutely love these pink paisley shorts from their range (which I do own!) and they are super comfy and gorgeous.


Here’s a selection of apps which you should *totally* download if you haven’t yet.

AnagrApp: well well WELL. I’m definitely not one to play phone games (battery trouble anyone????) but I downloaded AnagrApp a few days ago and I gotta say I’m like, completely HOOKED.

For those who don’t know it, AnagrApp is a fun word game where you get a bunch of letters and you have to form various words using those letters. I mean, it sounds like it’s going to be dead easy and not fun at all but maaaaaaan you do get addicted!!! I might or might not have to finish the Spanish levels so I could get hints to finish the English and French ones hahahHAHHAHA the addiction is real.

Download it for free in the app store.

snacks and fun apps

Also speaking of battery saving, I’ve been using this Clean Master app on my phone and I gotta say it really does work! It’s also really helpful when it comes to delete all the stuff your phone doesn’t need!

You can download it here.

And last but not least, if anyone needs a new social media app to get addicted to (not that we don’t spend enough time on our phones already hahahAHAHAHAH), you guys need to try MeWe!!!! (and add me on it for exclusive behind the scenes content!). It’s said to be similar to the good ol’ Facebook, but I don’t really like FB at all and I don’t know how to use it so I can’t tell if they’re similar, you know. Anyway! I do like it a lot! It’s super intuitive, easy to use and also really fun! It’s like a mixture of FB, Instagram, Snapchat (it has disappearing content), Whatsapp (as it has private chats) AND it’s free of ads and you can make it as private as you want it! 

You can download it here.

And if you want to add me, here’s a link to my group.


For those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere right now… how hot it’s been lately omg???? Like, it’s impossible to go out without actually melting?

That’s why I’ve been forced to drink my bodyweight in smoothies lately. Not that I’m complaining or something, seeing as they are completely delicious but… you know, I’d appreciate it if it wasn’t like a million of thousands of celsius degrees out there, you know.

Check out my favourite smoothie combos and stay cool!


papaya mango smoothie bowl



green smoothie bowl




peanut butter cookie dough smoothie bowl


What are your favourite combos? Because summer is long and full of terrors (aka inminent heatwaves hELP). I need some serious inspo!


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  • Reply superfitbabe July 23, 2016 at 3:18 am

    Lately I’ve been loving fruit salads that consist of blueberries, nectarines, strawberries and green grapes! ADDICTIVE. I have to get my hands on cotton candy grapes STAT!

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