Friday Favs #3: Vegan Skincare

Yes, yes, I know it’s technically Saturday. Shame on me, shame on meeeeeeeee. But I really couldn’t wait to share this post with you all. I mean, who doesn’t love skincare? Especially when it smells like heaven, comes in a pretty package and it’s all vegan too!

vegan skincare review

These are some of the products that I’ve been using for the past few weeks/months and let me tell you I couldn’t be any happier with them! I’m also really excited today because I’m going to be introducing you guys to my mother and I’s new vegan skincare range!

*Can I get a drumroll?*

Have I ever told you guys what my mum does for a living? Well, she is a pharmacist! So we took advantage of the fact that she knows how to use chemistry to create epic blends and set up our own beauty range:

Malvavisco Handmade

vegan skincare review

Today I’ll be reviewing our face cream which comes in two versions: one for acne-prone skins *raises hand* and another one for dry skins. This one comes in the Lemon Pie scent and it smells like you wouldn’t believe. Also, how cool is the name? Guess who comes up with the flavours? Yes, yours truly. Mum does the thinking and mixing and I do the pretty bits such as coming up with the scents and take pictures of the goodies #whatateam

Then we have the anti-cellulite cream, which can also double-duty as a body cream because it is soooooo hydrating!!!! And guess the scent: Apricot Delight! It so smells like a warm apricot pie with a hint of coconut and it’s pretty much the best thing ever!

We’ve been selling these for a couple of months now in the pharmacy and truth is, they get rave reviews and get bought over and over again. We’re making fresh batches all.the.time. That’s how good it is! (and I’m also very humble but what would you expect from a cream which is scented like apricots??? It is SO good!)

vegan skincare review

Normally, I’m not that big on beauty products (I prefer spending my time taking naps and stuff, not removing creams from my face lol), but I surely enjoy applying the face cream before I go to bed. That, combined with my face solar cream which is supposed to be for acne-prone skins too, does a pretty good job at keeping my skin mostly pimple free. Too bad I like chocolate a bit too much! 😉 But yeah, I have definitely seen improvements, especially since I switched to a plant-based diet.

The anti-cellulite cream is one I love to use after having a shower. I’m not going to lie stright to your faces and say “yes!!!! It will remove your cellulite in a second!!!!” because no cream will ever ever do that. But it definitely helps, and you’ll notice that your skin is so much softer after applying a layer. And, bonus points: you’ll smell like an apricot pie #winningonlife

If you’re interested in getting either of them, email me at We haven’t upload them to our webpage yet as mum’s been busy with work and I was busy with exams until then, but we will in the following weeks!

As of for the moment, we’re only shipping to Europe as I still have to do a bit of research with customs in other countries. I will let you know here and on Instagram when we’re ready to ship worldwide 🙂

Prices are the following:


30ml – 11’99€

50ml – 17’99€


200ml – 24’99€

Shipping to Spain is 4€ and 9’50€ to the rest of Europe. If you’re interested in getting your hands on either, email me at

They’re all handmade in Spain, following health and safety directions from the association of pharmacists and chemists, if you were curious.

vegan skincare review

Now, for the next part of the review!

I was lucky enough to try Ellovi products recently and heck, I couldn’t be any more in love with them either!!!! All natural ingredients, non-tested in animals and a fabulous range of scents as well! Mint-chocolate anyone? How about vanilla bean? Key lime pie?????

It’s lovely to use the body butter after showers and baths, as it will leave your skin feeling relaxed (and, more bonus points: if you go for the mint chocolate flavour you’ll smell like an After Eight chocolate) and super soft.

Now, for the lip butters! Oh my gosh! I was so happy to finally find lip butter without the bee wax! They also smell terrific and do wonders to your poor, dry lips. Especially if you just did like 600km in a bike, on a very very windy week. Thanks Ellovi for helping my poor lips look normal again. Eggplant-sized lips is not a look I’m going after tbh.

vegan skincare review

Also on the topic of bike-riding. Have you ever tried to ride in Spain during summer? One word: don’t. Or at least prepare to look red as blood after such a long time outside. 

Honestly guys: don’t be like me and use more sunscreen! I actually wear a lot myself but I have one of these super duper pale skins and tbh it doesn’t do much for me. And it’s not as if I could go out in long-sleeve in the 40ºC heat, you know.

So, long story short: I got sunburt. Like hardcore sunburn all over my body. Aloe Cream to the rescue! This one might not smell all fancy but it’s seriously so refreshing and feels amazing on hot skin. It’s from our previous range, Mundibotica and you can get it from the shop for 7,95€ or email me too! (which is probably easier as our page is still in Spanish only)

vegan skincare review

At last but not least I would love to tell you about Lani! I know it’s not my first review about them and it probably won’t be the last, but I’m truly obsessed with them! 

Also vegan, all natural and fabulously smelling, their products will do wonders for your skin. I love to use the serum on my face once a week and their body oil after showers on special occasions. Ayyy how much I love smelling like pie I’m telling you!

Plus how cute is the bottle! If you’ve been thinking about getting them, now’s the time! They do send worldwide so you have no excuse not to get your hands on them!

And that’s all for today! If you like this kind of posts, I’ll be making another one on vegan make-up soon. I’d love it if you could please let me know your favourite cruelty-free brands. What have you been using? Does it smell like pie? If so, I want to try that too!

Happy weekend everyone!



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