Friday Favs #1

Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of the Friday Favs series! I know many of you probably aren’t interested in the things that got me obsessed this week, so feel free to come back tomorrow for a brand new fabulous (and fruity!) recipe. 

For those you interested in the little things that got me testing my self-control trying not to buy them all this week (ahem is it just me always clicking those Topshop ads everywhere?????), this post is for you! I was getting some dm’s on Instagram, emails and snaps asking where I got some of the stuff in my snaps, as well as which songs I’ve been playing and stuff so I decided to make a post telling you all about it!

friday favs

Keep in mind that this is not a sponsored post (although I totally agree with them if it’s something 100% aligned with the blogger’s beliefs, I mean, bloggers gotta pay their expenses somehow) at all. I did buy some of the products myself, others I got from brands to try, and be sure they wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t been using them over and over again all week long. Aaaaaaand the rest of the post are things I really really need to buy (mum, are you listening?), songs that are the bomb, incredible films (or TV shows), beautiful men (ah you really thought I’d write a Friday favs post without including bearded men of any kind hahah u wrong) and some of my favourite blog posts or Instagram pics around the web.

Basically all the things I’ve been crushing hard on this week.

This reusable crystal silicone bottle by Ghongha: I’ve been carrying this bottle around everywhere ever since I got it. It’s such a great way to cut down on all the plastic we use and help the enviroment plus it’s super cute and it gets me so many compliments from random people at the library and stuff (I mean, the bottle gets them, I look like  abaked potato 99% of the time, no compliments pour moi). If I had to name one con it’d be that it can get a bit heavy when it’s full and you have to carry it with your uni books, but I think it’s so worth it! Even though it’s made of crystal, you can tell it’s not fragile at all, which is a plus if you’re super clumsy like me. And oh, have I already mentioned how cute it is? And you can get a 20% discount if you use the code “earthlytaste20”!

friday favs - ghongha reusable crystal bottle

These mega-cute vegan birkenstock style sandals: OH MY GOSH how cute are these???? They would make the perfect summer shoes and they seem SO comfy. Such a shame it’s like 25 pounds to send them over here 🙁 Man, I could get a low-cost plane ticket and pick them up myself for cheaper! Anyway, they look adorable so if you’re from the UK you might want to get them.

This dungaree dress from Urban Outfitters: okay cutest dress ever I need that!

Speaking of UO, this Cat Mug is too cute for words too!

This Detox Mask by Lani: confession time, I’m obsessed with the whole Lani range. All natural and vegan cosmetic which smell like heaven packed in the cutest bottles? I’m sold. Aaaaaand they work wonders with your hair and skin too! This week I was lucky enough to try out the new Lani mask and booooy what a dream! It’s made with yummy-sounding ingredients such as coconut milk powder, cacao, turmeric and the like so, as you can imagine, it smells like dessert! It also leaves my skin feeling super soft and elastic (and makes me look like brownie batter while I have it on, that’s a bonus cos brownie batter is life). 100% recommend trying it! (Just like their whole range!)

friday favs: lani vegan detox mask

This gorgeous dress from Topshop: too bad that, “that colour makes me look like curried chicken” according to my dear mum. A girl (who might or might not look a lot like chicken) can dream I guess.

THIS MAN from The Vampire Diaries: okay pal, you need and I mean NEED to watch TVD if you haven’t yet. I know it sounds like some kind of series for lil’ girls but wow is this show good!!! Especially when this guy comes into play. I might or might not have spent the past two days taking pics of the laptop screen and sending them to my mum because THAT GUY TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE JON SNOW. What a time to be alive! Crushing hard on him ever since I first catched a glimpse of the glorious man.

This bar of Conscious chocolate and basically their whole range: mamma mia guys! If you haven’t had the chance of try Conscious choc yet, I’m feeling a bit sorry for you. I’m completely obsessed with their whole range I swear. Especially their cranberry kiss bar which I’ve been munching on all week long. So creamy and sooooo good!

You can use them to make my raspberry stuffed french toast, you know *wink wink*

raspberry stuffed coconut milk french toast

FIT MIXES!! Especially the cookie dough one: these mixes are a great idea if you want to enjoy vegan protein balls without having a blender on hand. All natural and made from healthy ingredients too, you can have giant cookie dough balls ready to eat in mere minutes! They make such a fan smoothie bowl topping I’m telling you!

chocolate walnut mousse smoothie bowl

This album by Billy Talent: okaaaay I’ve been listening to BT for a long, long time but it was only recently that I came to realise how much of a perfect album Dead Silence is. Pretty much all the songs make such perfect workout jams! 

The salted caramel hot chocolate mix by Damn Sugar: aka the key to my heart. I seriously put it everywhere be it hot choc, brownies, iced lattes or my spoon *wink wink*

The Best of Vegan Instagram Burger Challenge: please make yourself a favour and check out the #bestofveganburger tag and then cry because you don’t have all those beauties in front of you at the moment. Sorry I did that to you.

I think that’s it for the week! I’ve fallen in love with waaaaay too many IG pics this week so there’s no point posting them haha. Let me know if you enjoyed this kind of post and if you’d like to see more like it!

Also, what are your recent obsessions? Favourite songs? TV crushes? Products you can’t get enough of? Let me know in the comments!

And don’t forget to check out my Instagram page: @earthlytaste and my snapchat @honeyandfigs for more posts like these!

See you tomorrow with a new “Smoothie Saturdays” recipe!



  • Reply superfitbabe April 1, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    I would love to try the salted caramel hot chocolate mix–it sounds DIVINE! Lately I’ve been loving this app IntervalTimer for quick HIIT workouts and timers to just break into a workout routine! Perfect for when you’re on the go and on vacation!

  • Reply Ania April 1, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    My current obsessions are the album Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan and Orange is the New Black – sooo addictive!

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