Apple Cinnamon Spelt Galette

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seems to go wrong. But not wrong in a “my cat died, my husband left me and a massive UFO fell from the sky on top of my car this morning” kind of way.

apple cinnamon spelt galette (vegan)

Just to make things clear: I don’t have a car, a cat or a husband, but I’m taking applications in case you want to marry me (extra points if you’re Jon Snow or that guy from The Vampire Diaries) or be pet by me (only if you’re a fluffy furry pal). Also, if anyone wants to get me a car and a driver’s license I’m also up for it!

apple cinnamon spelt galette (vegan)

What I meant is when things don’t turn out well, but kinda in a funny, hysterical way that makes you feel as if you were some kind of character in a comedy sitcom. Do you know what I mean? Like, I’d just be there doing something really, really stupid and feel those fake creepy laughs behind my back .

apple cinnamon spelt galette (vegan)

The other day, for example. I happened to be wearing one of those really lovely button A-skirts (very very lovely but very very short too) or better yet: I thought I was wearing it. The really really lovely but very very short buttoned A-skirt decided to be a lil’ dipshit and climb to my waist, without me realizing obviously.

apple cinnamon spelt galette (vegan)

Little did I know that all those people I came across weren’t staring at me with eyes wide open because I was wearing a really cool outfit and SLAYIN’ like a queen (the really really lovely but very very short skirt looked so on point paired with my laced ankle boots and a the cutest Topshop crop top, I must say) but because I was literally running down the street half-naked.

Mid-walk, I stopped walking an thought “ah my butt’s feeling friggin’ cold, u ok butt”, and then looked below. THE REALLY REALLY LOVELY BUT VERY VERY SHORT SKIRT WAS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. I mean yes, it was in my hip but you know, skirts are meant to cover your butt and everything.

apple cinnamon spelt galette (vegan)

So yeah that’s the story of how I walked down the street half-naked sometime last week which basically has nothing to do with this apple galette but I guess I didn’t really feel like starting another post with “ooOOhhhooo hooo this apple galette is the most epic thing I’ve ever made guys gUYS!!!!111!!11!1111!!!!” as per usual.

What can I say, I do get too overexcited about dessert and funny but not really funny unless you’re the one living it embarrasing stories.

I hope you don’t hate me for it.

apple cinnamon spelt galette (vegan)

Anyhooo. This apple galette is basically impossible to ruin (and consequently end up feeling like there’s someone laughing behind your back with that creepy 60’s voice). So easy to make that even a 3-year-old soul in a 19-year-old body like me could make it. Even if that 3-year-old hasn’t napped for 3 days straight (more like 45 if it’s me we’re talking about FRIGGIN’ EXAM SEASON GO AWAY) and is feeling a tad crazyyyy, it’s still super simple to get done.

apple cinnamon spelt galette (vegan)

I feel you brother (or sister. Probably sister since the google analytics app told me you’re all fab gal pals) when you think that pastries are hard to make. Been there, done that, ruined a few too many pastries on my way, ended up not fearing the pastry monster and slayin’ everytime I make one of these (humble much?).

But I’m telling you: this one is a piece of cake to put together.

apple cinnamon spelt galette (vegan)

Even if it was my mum making it (confession time: I just looked at her while she did, took some pictures for my blog and now I’m here translating the recipe and gifting you with another senseless post YOU’RE WELCOME), I can vouch for the fact that this is such a foolproof recipe.

And a really really delicious plus very very healthy one. I mean, there’s apple in it, isn’t that technically a fruit salad? And spelt sounds soooooo fancy-schmancy. Although you can totally use some ol’ plain all purpose flour and I won’t tell the health police.

Ain’t no snitch.

I just happen to love apples I bit too much.

And cinnamon. Yes pleaseeeeee. Alllllllll da cinnamon.

apple cinnamon spelt galette (vegan)
If you love apples, cinnamon and easy healthy desserts: this recipe is for you!
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For the dough
  1. 300 grams white spelt flour
  2. 100 ml cold water
  3. 80 grams coconut oil
  4. 2 tbsp. coconut sugar
  5. a pinch of salt
For the filling
  1. 2 medium apples
  2. 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
  3. 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
  4. 2 tbsp. coconut sugar
  5. juice from half a lemon
  1. Whisk together flour, sugar, salt and melted coconut oil.
  2. Slowly add the cold water while you mix the dough by hand.
  3. Knead the dough until everything's fully mixed and smooth.
  4. If dough is too dry, add a bit more water.
  5. Wrap the dough ball in cling-film and freeze for 20 minutes.
  6. In the meantime, slice the apples and mix them with lemon juice, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.
  7. Knead the dough ball with a rolling pin until is really thin.
  8. Put the apple mixture on top (leaving a 3-4 cm border to fold it later)
  9. Sprinkle with extra coconut sugar.
  10. Bake in a preheated oven at 180ºC (375F) for 45-50 minutes or until crust looks golden.
  11. Enjoy!
earthly taste

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! It was a creation by my mum (styling by her, photography by yours truly) and you can check out the recipe in Spanish in her blog (and also leave her a sweet comment because my mum is the bomb)



  • Reply Lucy February 29, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    This makes me wish it was Autumn again! Maybe making it will make it feel like autumn! Loving the minimal sugar and short ingredient list!

  • Reply josefinetm March 2, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    Haha, your posts are seriously always so hilarious to read! I feel so sorry for you (though A-line buttoned short skirts are SO COOL! I’m sure you killed it)
    Lovely galette! Pinned

  • Reply superfitbabe March 3, 2016 at 3:50 am

    I love this so much! I can relate a lot–I’m still 18, I’m a die-hard feminist, love almond butter, fitness, sweet potatoes and Whole Foods, so MARRY ME XD

    I would definitely have to marry your apple spelt galette though. If it’s not already taken 😉

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