Chocolate Zucchini Bread Waffles

Breakfast is certainly my favourite meal of the day. Terrible things happen if I ever skip it, and you don’t want to be near me when such thing occurs. Besides the fact I love the energy boost I receive from my morning meal, I’m crazy about all kinds of breakfast foods: pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, yogurt & granola… etc. Thing is I never, ever I have those for breakfast, that’s weird right???


I’m a toast-for-breakfast kind of girl. Olive oil on toast, to be exact, although I never say no to a warm, buttery, cinnamon sugar one! I can’t go trought the day without having my morning toast, because what’s the point in getting up if there’s no toasts waiting for me???
And it’s not that I have never tried having something different from it; I have, actually! And know what? I always go back to my toast, no matter if I’ve had something else for breakfast, I’ll still have to have my toast.
BUT I still love a good waffle, even if I can’t have them for breakfast because I know I’ll miss my toast; so  what I do is either having them for dinner, or as a pre-workout snack, if they’re healthy, like these ones:


Because how can you go wrong with fudgy chocolaty waffles with a crispy exterior that also happen to be super high in protein and fiber, therefoore keeping you full for longer? Yeah, they would make a fantastic breakfast if you didn’t mind to skip your morning toast. But if you like me wouldn’t skip it, let me tell you that they’re also a pretty good pre-workout snack… they’ve fueled some of my longest runs, actually.
And as a bonus, I got to use up some homegrowns zucchinis, which happen to be growing like crazy in our garden. Mind you, we’ve got about 50 zucchini plants, we’re droning on them right now… Zucchini for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert… So see I have to come up with some new ideas, before I start to loathe ratatouille, which is like what I’m having everyday. So so so so many tomatos, zucchinis and eggplants! I wonder now if I can make up a dessert out of eggplants too, because we have insane amounts of them too.
Recipe adapted from Veggie and the Beast:
1 + 1/2 cup fat free greek yogurt
1 cup grated zucchini (this weighed 200 gr. for me, half a zucchini)
2 large eggs
2 tbsp. butter, melted
1 c. wholewheat flour
1/2 c. all purpose flour
1/2 c. rolled oats
1/2 cocoa powder
3/4 tbsp. baking powder
4 tbsp. brown sugar
a pinch of salt
1/4 c. chocolate chips
Combine wet ingredients in a bowl, and dry in a different one. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ones and stir until combined. Add chocolate chips. Batter will be really thick. Scoop it into the waffle-maker (it shouldn’t be pourable) and cook according to manufacturers instructions. Serve with your favourite toppings (although they’re great on their own!) and enjoy!
Question of the day: do you always have the same breakfast? What’s your favourite breakfast item?
Consuelo xx


  • Reply Monet August 17, 2013 at 12:59 am

    These are beautiful! I’m pinning them now. And I agree…I can’t go without breakfast. I need to make these happen soon!

    • Reply Consuelo Morcillo August 17, 2013 at 1:17 am

      Thanks for pinning, Monet! And so glad you like them, let me know if you try them 🙂

  • Reply Josefine August 17, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    I totally agree. Breakfast is without doubt my favourite meal of the day 😀 Yoghurt, oatmeal, waffles – what’s not to love? Oh, and if there’s chocolate involved it’s even better. I have to make these VERY soon 😀 Looking forward to making them!

    • Reply Consuelo Morcillo August 18, 2013 at 10:08 am

      Yes, nothing’s better than chocolate for breakfast (leaving aside olive oil toasts, for sure!), I looove it. Let me know if you do and I hope you like them 🙂

  • Reply Stephanie @ Eat My Tortes August 17, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    Yum! I have a waffle-maker that sadly doesn’t get used often enough, but these seem like a great excuse to bring it out and use it 🙂
    I go through phases with breakfast–I will usually eat the exact same thing for months and months and then suddenly switch to another thing for months and months. Weird, I know! But if I could eat one thing for breakfast for the rest of eternity it would probably be a stack of warm toast slathered in Nutella…
    Oh! Show us photos of your garden! I’m very envious of all your vegetables as I sadly don’t have a garden 🙁

    • Reply Consuelo Morcillo August 18, 2013 at 10:10 am

      I’m always using mine, but alas most of waffles get eaten before I get to photograph them :((
      Hahaha I used to fo through phases too, but then I entered the toast phase and I’ve never looked back since them :–) Nutella toasts sound so so great yum!
      Oh I will, I will! Maybe in one of my next posts, because I have lots of ideas to use a big part of the veggies 😉

  • Reply Padre Frikerizo August 17, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    Impresionante! No puedo pasar sin un desayuno aunque los buenos los dejo para el fin de semana por falta de tiempo siempre, como tu tostadas es un must pero este lo sustituiría sin dudar. Increíble!

    • Reply Consuelo Morcillo August 18, 2013 at 10:11 am

      Eso es otra de las bondades de las tostadas: las mañanas de instituto, están listas en un plis plas!
      Me alegro de que te gusten, un beso 😀

  • Reply Fiaris August 17, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    Muy buen blog gracias por invitarme,me quedo,cariños

  • Reply Allie | Baking A Moment August 17, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    I almost can’t believe those are healthy! But I see in the ingredients list, that they certainly are. Love the addition of whole wheat flour, oats and zucchini. I think my 4-year-old chocoholic would love these! And a great way to get a little veg into him (always a challenge!). I’m totally pinning this. And I think if there’s any meal you want to repeat, it’s breakfast. Waking up is so hard, & there’s comfort in routine. I have espresso + almond milk every morning, and Kashi Simply Maize a little later, with almond milk and massive quantities of blueberries (while they last!).

    • Reply Consuelo Morcillo August 18, 2013 at 10:15 am

      Neither could my brothers! They loved them and they pride themselves on never eating veggies haha you should have seen their faces when I told them there was zucchini in them ;–)
      Yes. breakfast is so so conforting, I love it. And it’s even better if there are blueberries involved!
      Thanks for pinning :-*

  • Reply Mary Frances McNellis August 18, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    Whoa, chocolate zucchini waffles!!! So pinning and making this! Chocolate for breakfast is the best way to do it – especially if it uses zucchini:)

    • Reply Consuelo Morcillo August 18, 2013 at 11:12 pm

      Thank you so much for pinning! I hope you love them as much as I did :))

  • Reply Mi Álter Ego August 18, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    Hola!!! Yo siempre desayuno café con leche y dos tostadas con mermelada. A veces los fines de semana el churri hace tortitas, pero esto sucede de uvas a peras… Es que en casa, el cocinero es él y yo que me alegro, oye. Jajaja. Besotes!!!

    • Reply Consuelo Morcillo August 18, 2013 at 11:13 pm

      Mmmm, tortitas, qué buenas *-* Pero, oye, donde se pongan un par de tostadas, que se quite todo lo demás jaja.
      Un abrazo c:

  • Reply Covadonga Hernández August 18, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    Hola, acabo de descubriros gracias a Dolega, tengo que reconocer que la cocina y yo no somos muy amigas, cocino por obligación no por devoción, pero le enseñaré el blog a Peque que es una cocinillas y a ver si entre las dos nos animamos a hacer alguna receta.
    El tema de desayunos en esta casa somos todos de salir corriendo y desayunar muy malamente, a excepción de los fines de semana o las vacaciones y nos gusta el zumo recién exprimido y las tostadas con café.
    Besinos y me quedaré por aquí con vuestro permiso

    • Reply Consuelo Morcillo August 18, 2013 at 11:15 pm

      Hola, muchas gracias por pasarte :–) Pues a ver si os animáis y preparáis algo, ¡esperamos que os guste!
      Ay, las tostadas, ¡qué buenas! Y el zumo recién exprimido… riquísimo. No sé por qué me pongo a contestar comentarios de esta entrada después de cenar, ¡porque me están entrando ganas de desayunar otra vez!
      Un beso 🙂

  • Reply Natasha @ The Cake Merchant August 18, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Yum, healthy waffles! I would eat these for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

    • Reply Consuelo Morcillo August 18, 2013 at 11:15 pm

      Yes, they’re that good haha! I’m glad you like them 🙂

  • Reply Paula August 18, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    ohhh Dios mío, qué original!!! Me acabo de quedar prendada de esta receta, quiero hacerla ya mismo.

    Lo malo es que tengo que esperar a que me dejen la gofrera, buahhh, buahhh

    Reservaré la receta y aguantaré con paciencia, mucha paciencia 😛

    Salu2. Paula

    • Reply Consuelo Morcillo August 18, 2013 at 11:16 pm

      Nos alegramos de que te guste, a ver si consigues una prontito ;–) Ya nos contarás a ver qué tal salen, ¡un beso!

  • Reply Christin@SpicySouthernKitchen August 19, 2013 at 2:27 am

    Chocolate Zucchini Waffles! What a fabulous idea!!!!

  • Reply Coton sucre August 20, 2013 at 10:23 am

    Y al final acabas consiguiendo que coma verdura..jajaja.
    La verdad que por semana desayuno en la oficina deprisa y corriendo, el fin de semana ya me lo tomo con más calma, cualquier cosa dulce me vale, bizcocho,tostadas, estos gofres increibles… Pero el desayuno que mas me gusta del mundo es el desayuno buffet de los hoteles,me chifla ir llenando el plato de cositas, me inflo hasta reventar!!!


  • Reply Shelley @ Two Healthy Kitchens September 7, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    These are genius! I make a double-chocolate zucchini bread (that’s actually healthy!), but it’s so awesome to put those flavors in a waffle! My kids will LOVE this! Pinning ASAP …

  • Reply Waffle Sundae Bar (for Brunch, Dessert or "Brinner"!) - Two Healthy Kitchens June 25, 2015 at 1:46 pm

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